Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Life

Blake and I flew home for the holidays and never saw anything quite like we did this year. We were lucky to not have any hiccups with our travel, but it was sad to see the same didn't happen for many others. Washington I think had a record amount of snow. People always laugh and say that the Seattle area closes down when it snows an inch, well it snowed a lot more than that and it did close down! Blake and I were so clueless about it all until we flew into Seattle and saw hundreds of pieces of abandoned luggage at the baggage claim area. Little did we know that the Portland airport had been shut down due to weather, and Amtrak and the Greyhound were not travelling out of Seattle for the same reason. After spending one night at my parents house we travelled to Yakima to spend Christmas with the Gibbons family. We had so much fun with everyone there. Our break consisted of Wii tournaments (which by the way I won the biggest loser bracket), building a gingerbread house, eating homemade cinnamon rolls every morning for breakfast, making Playdough faces, playing games at night, going skiing (which was an adventure in itself for me), and just laughing and telling stories. Now that Christmas has come and gone we're back in the swing of things. Since we've been back Blake has still been trying to get me to LOVE winter sports (if you would have seen me skiing in Washington you would have thought it was a lost cause, but Blake's persistent), so in leau of this we went snowshoeing this past weekend. I don't think my calves have ever been so sore in my life, but we had a great time!

We got really creative with Playdough...who
says it's only for kids!

Cole got these in the Christmas gift exchange
and they were hilarious!