Sunday, May 30, 2010

Almost Finished!

We've been working so hard every weekend since the beginning of April. We've taken on the challenge of landscaping our backyard. It started with the heavy stone to build the retaining wall; all 1,000 plus of them. Then it continued with 8 cubic yards of gravel delivered along with 5 cubic yards of sand. That was not fun to move from the front yard to the backyard with wheel barrels. Next was the 16 cubic yards of topsoil that we hauled from the front yard into the backyard last weekend. Finally, yesterday we moved 3 full pallets of sod into the backyard for our lawn. It looks so great! I can't wait for it to grow together and get out there to plant some trees and flowers. It's still not finished but at least our idea of what we hoped it would look like up to this point is exactly what we were wanting.

It was so cold and rainy all day when we were laying the sod. It made for some really heavy sod rolls.

Doesn't Blake look so excited to be doing so much manual labor :)

This is one of our front yard flower beds. It already had 3 rhododendrens in it when we moved in, so I just added some flowers to brighten it up.

Take That Acne!

I was a little skeptical of this tiny $18.00 bottle, but it has proven me oh so wrong. I have a tendency to pick and bumps on my face that aren't anything you can see on the surface and then they turn into red bumps. Well this is a solution to that problem. If I feel a bump I put this on and the bumps gone by morning, not to mention good old fashioned pimples as well. The best part about it is that it's clear and not thick so you can even put it on before applying makeup. I bought mine at Ulta, but I think Sephora carries it also. It's a must have!

Double Vision

The other day I had a random thought about being blind. I asked Blake if he thought it would be easier to cope with being blind if 1. You were born with the condition and never knew what you were missing your whole life? or 2. If you had been able to see most of your life and then your sight was suddenly gone? We agreed that there were both pros and cons to both options, and that we were very grateful for our sight. A few days later I was putting in my contacts as usual and after I had put them in, my eyes were completely blurry. I figured it was because the contacts were to wet from the contact solution and it would take a second for the fluid to dissipate and then they would be fine. Well the fluid did dissipate and they were still blurry. I thought back for a second on the conversation Blake and I had a few days prior about being blind, and thought maybe that random question came into my head because it was to prepare me for this day. I know far fetched right?!! After realizing nothing was changing with the blurry eyes situation I decided to take out the contact lenses to see if there was some film on the lenses that would be making them blurry. As I took them out I realized the funniest thing.....I could still see perfectly without the contact lenses in (If I don't have contacts or my glasses on I can see shapes, but everything for the most part is blurry). That's when I realized the stupid and still mind boggling mistake as to what caused my blurred eyes...I had two pairs of contact lenses in each eye! Apparently I forgot to throw away my old set of contacts that were in my cleaning case and I also fell asleep with my new set of contacts still in my eyes, so in the morning I already had contacts in my eyes and decided to add the old pair in the cleaning case to my eyes as well. I must have been really tired that morning to not even realize that I could see so well before I added my second pair of contacts into my eyes.