Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving Day as we did. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and this year it was extra special to have my grandma with us. The morning started out with Blake playing football with our ward and then it's a family tradition to have dinner at my parent's house. Once dinner's over it's time to scout out our Black Friday events. This year it seemed like the stores were opening earlier than in years past, so it was a little trickier. Blake and I got up at 4:15am to get dressed and make some hot chocolate for the road. First stop Fred Meyer where they had board games buy one, get one free. Can you believe that! Then off to Target to pick up a couple DVD's that were another great buy, but they were sold out. Luckily my mom was able to pick them up for us. Then off to Joann Fabric where it was crazy! Who knew there would be so many crazed fabric women. The cutting table was on number 21 when we got our number, which was 87. We picked up a few things and then skipped the fabric until later this weekend. I didn't have that kind of patience. Then off to Home Depot where we were hoping to get some $.99 poinsettias-they were sold out. We did get a ladder and some Christmas lights that were on sale. Then back home. We did all this by 8:15am. Talk about the early bird getting the worm! After breakfast Blake and I were thinking of heading back to bed. Instead we got the idea to start hanging the Christmas lights outside, finish painting the downstairs bathroom, hang my mountain bike from the ceiling in the garage, plant some tulip bulbs, clean the garage, do some laundry, and go through our closets to make a trip to the Goodwill. Finally by 6:00pm it was time to come in, shower for the day, and put on our sweat pants. After dinner we couldn't believe that it was only 6:30pm. We had accomplished so much, and it was still so early. We talked about putting in a movie, but as 7:30 rolled around I was doing some serious head bobbing on the couch so I decided to head to bed. I know it's early, but I was so exhausted! Here are some pictures from hanging the Christmas lights. Blake was so excited to get a ladder and do some handy work. He's been doing a lot of working on cars, and fixing things lately. He's getting so good, and it's fun to see how much joy he gets from getting his hands a little dirty.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Team Edward!

We saw New Moon last night. It was so GOOD!!! Okay, I know that I have said from day one that I would not become a Twilight junkie, but I think I'm starting to eat my own words. I'm not a big one on being a crazed fan about anything, but I'm even starting to contemplate reading the Twilight series. Blake and I saw Twilight in Provo when it came to the dollar theatre, and I instantly fell in love with Edward. I even secretly wished Blake was a vampire after that movie (okay so I didn't really but it was a thought). Last night was opening night for New Moon and I went to buy the movie tickets early since we figured it would be sold out. We arrived to the theatre 45 minutes before the movie was to start and there was a line of about 300 people waiting to get in the same showing. I don't know what time they got there, but they definitely wanted there pick of seats. The funniest thing we noticed while waiting in line was...1. Blake and I were the oldest couple in line (most of the couples were in high school or possibly even junior high)and 2. We forgot to buy our Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirts. We didn't know there was such a competition going on, but we are routing for Team Edward. New Moon was a must see and we can't wait for the next in the Twilight series to come out next year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What I've Been Up To

We've been in our house now for about one month. We're unpacked and I've started to get a little antsy with nothing to do. What better thing to do with my time, but to start painting. Boy what a job that is!! I really didn't think it was going to be that hard, until I ran into non-straight lines when I wanted them REALLY straight. I have this pet peeve when it comes to painted walls. I like it to look like a professional did the painting. Three days later I finally finished the kitchen and dining room. I didn't take a before picture, but the new and improved walls look so much better. I had such a good time that I'm going to paint in the living room and bathroom next. Then I'm going to head to the upstairs and see what kind of trouble I can get into.

The wall isn't streaky like this picture shows

Trick Or Treat

It's been forever since I've posted and thought I should catch up starting with Halloween. Blake and I didn't know what to expect as far trick or treaters since we had just moved into our house. We were hoping to have a ton of kids, so many that we would have to make an emergency trip to the store for more candy. Blake even dressed up so he could show his Elvis costume off the the kids. When the doorbell rang it was music to our ears....which we only heard once in the entire night. When we opened the door there were so many kids. I think all the kids in our neighborhood came in a huge herd, and then they were off to the next housing development. It was fun, even if it was for only 10 seconds. Oh, I almost forgot the best part of Halloween night. We had our pumpkins stolen. We had 4 carved pumpkins, 2 large uncarved pumpkins and 4 small pumpkins outside. In the morning all that was left were our 4 small pumpkins, and the tops of the 4 pumpkins that we had carved. All the others were gone!! I was kind of mad and surprised that people actually came down our driveway and stole our uncarved pumpkins. Can you believe that??! Blake thought it was kind of funny since he used to do the same thing to people when he was younger. I guess next year any pumpkin that isn't carved will be put in the garage until the next morning.

It's always fun to carve pumpkins with Blake because he's so creative. I bet you can pick out the one I did with the symmetrical face-boring

For the ward Halloween party I went as Betty Rubble again and Blake was a couch potato

These are some fun treats I made to take to the ward Halloween party