Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doggy Boredom

So Sheena came home last week and Lucy welcomed here with a nice surprise. Apparently, she tried to jail break out of her kennel, realized that she could not dig her way through the hard plastic, and rebelled by ripping her bed to foam bits. Doesn't look like she ate too much of the foam and if she did, it will be "soft" on the way out. What was even more funny, was the fact that when Sheena found Lucy's bed in this state of disarray, Lucy was giving her the sad-puppy look of innocence as if to say "I know I am the only dog in this 5' X 4' crate and I know what this looks like, but I promise I had nothing to do with it." She's priceless; full of surprises, but priceless.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"29" and Grown Up

For my birthday this past August I told Blake that I would really love a "grown up" purse. I've never bought a REALLY nice purse. I've just never been to into spending a good amount of money on something that hangs on your shoulder. Jeans-yes-at least you can wear those all day and love them. A purse you can only really love when you're out going places. Last weekend I we went to the Coach outlet store and I cashed in on my gift. I love it! It's a light purple color on the inside. I finally know why people love nice purses. I think there may be a bad habit brewing :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lucy & Television

So the other night we noticed that when we watch TV, Lucy watches it pretty closely as well. Not sure what is going on in there, but she is way intense when she watches the TV. I decided to turn the TV to Animal Planet and needless to say, Sheena and I had a good laugh. Take a peek at the video (you should turn up the volume so you can hear the TV commentary). Enjoy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Addition

I've been wanting some kind of server/hutch for the dining room for some time now. We finally got one and I love it! I didn't really have a set idea of what I wanted it to look like, but I wanted it to be black. After one marathon day of furniture shopping we found one that we loved. This past weekend we finished up the area by adding a mirror above it. It looks great and I love how much more space I now have in my cupboards.

Pumpkin verses Ladybug

I used to always laugh at people that would dress there pets up in clothes, especially Halloween costumes. I have now eaten my own words because I bought 2 Halloween costumes for Lucy just yesterday. I was browsing through TJ Maxx and there were the cutest little dog costumes. Now the question is...which one to wear? Blake and I laughed so hard last night as we dressed her up (she hated it as you can see in the pictures). We're leaning towards the pumpkin but we thought it would be fun to see how everyone else votes. I promise this will be the only time we put her in a Halloween costume :)