Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Spice for Men - "I'm on a horse"

I picked this little gem up from Brent and Ashley's blog. Pretty funny, pretty awesome, and full of testosterone.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family Fun

For the past 3 weeks we've been able to have my brother's family in town. They made the trip up from Colorado for my grandma's funeral and decided to stay a while to spend time with family. Today we had a little birthday party for our nephew Hunter who turned "4." It was so fun to see him get so excited over his new toys. We had to even tell him that the Hot Wheels cars were sleeping for the night just so that he would feel okay putting them down and going to bed himself. Kids are so funny. Our niece, Payton is hilarious too. She loves to give kisses whenever you ask for them, and then she makes this super cute shy look right after she does it. It was so fun to be around them and see how much they've changed.

That's my grandpa with his 4 great grandchildren. I think he loved the party hats more than the kids did.

"Girl Moments"

I'm so excited for a fresh month to be here. February was a tough month for us. So I have a funny story to share on just how dramatic girls may be at times. Blake had a beautiful Subaru Legacy that he bought before we got married. It had all the bells and whistles, and was a really fun car to drive. Since we've been living in Washington I've been driving his car and he's been driving my Mazda 3. We made the switch because the gas mileage is much better in the Mazda as well as the maintenance costs of that car. Towards the end of this past summer the Legacy needed a lot of things done to it. New tires, new spark plugs, new brake pads....on and on and on and then when we thought the worst was behind us the turbo charged engine began to fail last month. Needless to say we were stuck between a rock and a hard spot. Do we pay and replace the turbo and hope the next one lasts us another 100,000 miles or do we trade in the Legacy for an Outback. We had always talked about getting an Outback because it has much more room in the back end for our future dog and kids. So after many weeks of contemplation we traded in the Legacy and bought an Outback. Now most people would be so excited to be driving around a new (not brand new 08') car, but not me I was in tears over it. When we went to the dealership the night we bought Greta-that's what we named her, we knew that we wouldn't be coming home with our old car. I was okay with that. But as we made the decision and we were cleaning out the car to put our belongings into Greta the tears began to flow. And they continued when we signed over the Legacy, and boy did they flow as we were driving down the freeway home with our new car. Blake was beside himself. He was at a loss of words to comfort me. I had to resort to calling my mom and asking her to give me the "buck up speech." That's what we call it when we need to talk someone into toughening up. My mom was so confused as to why the new car was causing so many tears. I went on to tell her that I was sad about having to put down our family dog; I was sad that my grandma's health was declining so fast; and I was sad that we had just traded in our young and hip car for a grocery getter for a life we didn't have yet. I know dramatic-right?! Blake calls them "girl moments" and boy did I have a serious one. After that dreadful, dramatic night I was fine and love my new car a lot. I do still miss the sportiness of the Legacy, but I love the space that the Outback has for all my groceries :)