Monday, October 20, 2008

We have a new addition to our family....

My new baby is an 08' Specialized Myka FSR mountain bike. She's really pretty and has zero scratches. Oh and her name is Windie! A few of us are heading over to Moab this weekend to do some mountain biking and I'll get to put her to the test. I'm just hoping for no major wrecks.

Life has been crazy. I've been working between my 2 jobs about 50 hours a week. Everytime I head into the Gap I think how crazy it is to still work there, but then I think of the discount and I can't refuse that. I think I'm addicted to buying clothes. Outside of work I've been trying to make time to relax, but I find myself elbows deep in projects instead. Do you ever feel like you take too much on and then wish you hadn't, but at the same time like the chaos in your life just a little bit? I sometimes think that is the motto of my life. Right now I'm trying to make a Halloween costume, get at least 7 hours of sleep, update my scrapbook, find time to keep up my running, make family calendars for Christmas, make time to mountain bike with Blake, try to figure out my new calling in church, and find some time to finish watching all of Conference. YIKES!! When will the madness stop?!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

26.2 or BUST!

We did it! We finished the St. George marathon without walking, without any broken bones, without any pulled muscles, without bathroom catastrophes, and without too many tears. It was so much fun....well it seemed like more of a chore at the time, but we really enjoyed it and can't wait to run another! Blake, my mother in law, and I all stayed together for the entire course of the race. Mikell was a champion and went on her own half way through. She did awesome and finished in the time she was hoping for. Blake and I wanted to finish sometime before 5 hours. We figured since this race was our first we would take it easy, and the next time we would try to finish in a faster time. Blake and I were both surprised with how much easier it was then we anticipated. I think we both psyched ourselves out quite a bit. The worst part of the entire race was the weather. It has only rained twice now in the history of the St. George marathon. I didn't wear a hat because I thought it would be hot by the end of the race, boy was I mistaken. Because I had nothing to block the rain I was drenched from head to toe; literally. It made part of the race a little chilly, but we pressed on.

We have tatoos with a little man and a 26.2 underneath him. We thought they were cool!

This is us after the race-freezing cold and anxious to take a shower!