Saturday, March 7, 2009

February Recap

I've been so bad about updating our blog....sorry. Our past month has been busy, and Blake has the better computer between the two of us and he's always on it. By the time I get my laptop out, get it turned on, and try to connect to the Internet 30 minutes has come and gone. I know excuses, excuses. This past month I've been lucky enough to not have to work at the Gap on the weekends so we've been taking advantage of that. We've done a lot of cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and the occasional mountain biking (except on the road only). The weather is starting to tease us with a little glimpse of spring which gives me hope for sunshine around the corner. Blake and I both agree that we love the winter, but there's something about March, daylight savings around the corner, and spring on it's way that makes life seem a little brighter-no pun intended.

Blake and I had a great Valentine's Day this year. We decided to go cross country skiing up Vivian Park. We keep trying to make it to the top of the saddle, but we're always pressed for time. We thought if we tried cross country skis instead of snowshoes we could make it for sure because it takes less time. No such luck. We had to turn around to make it to dinner. So after skiing we headed in our snow gear to Sundance to have dinner at the Foundry Grill- it was delicious. We felt a little out of place because everyone was dressed up for the big date night, and here we are all wet and hat haired. After dinner we headed to Baskin Robbins where we picked up my favorite ice cream- Love Potion 31. It's the best and it only comes out around Valentine's Day. I would recommend checking it out next year. After ice cream we headed home to get cleaned up and watch a movie. It was a great day, but apparently it was too great because I ended up giving Blake a black eye that night with my head. See picture below. I felt so bad and it kind of put a damper on our movie watching, but I think Blake liked telling the story the next day at church.