Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oink Oink

Hooded towels are just the cutest thing, especially when they involve an animal on the hood. Hannah's pig one still makes Blake laugh every time she wears it. I think it's one of his favorites.

Rainy Day Projects

Now that the weather has changed I seem to have much more time at home to work on little projects. Here are a few things I've been working on. Both projects were fun and simple to make. They both for the most part only required a hot glue gun. I'm all about hot glue over sewing. Learning to sew is one of my upcoming projects to start tackling.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Genes & Poop

A few weeks ago we noticed Hannah has really started to love sucking on her hands. She pretty much tries to stuff both fists into her mouth at once and swallow them whole. This is usually followed by some gagging and lots of drool.

So the other day I heard Hannah sucking something fierce in her room and decided to go and check it out. As a peered over the edge of her crib, I was caught by two big blue eyes blinking blankly up at me as if to say, "Do you need something? Nothing to see here daddy." I noticed that she had apparently inherited a few of her aunts' genes. Hannah's aunt Heidi and Nicole also liked to suck their ring and middle fingers as a baby.

So, of course you might be wondering why I also mentioned the word "poop" in the title to this post. Well, do I have a story for you my friends. Up to this point in Hannah's short life, we hadn't had the joy of experiencing any of those exciting "diaper" stories that all our friends told us about. That was...until a few days ago. So, I woke up to the usual squawking in the middle of the night that suggested that Hannah either needed one of the two essentials in life at her age: (1) luke-warm bottle OR (2) a diaper change. Well, needless to say, this involved the latter. As I went about carefully disarming the "bomb", I had just about finished when I heard that tell-tale "grunting". This usually leads to some kind of explosive activity, so I prepped the area with a diaper to catch any "debris" that should come my way. This worked initially...However, I should have realized that Hannah had an additional 4 AM surprise that would "shake" me from my early-morning daze. As I removed the newly soiled Pampers diaper for a fresh one, Hannah shot out a brown-liquid mass with projectile force. It was insane. It hit the wall splattering down onto the carpet and all over the changing table. I do have to say that I was quite impressed with the incredible power apparently pinned up in that little body. Trying to control my gag-reflex, I just started to laugh out loud as I didn't really know how else to react. Oh Hannah, we love you and cherish the new experiences you are bringing to our lives.