Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Project Complete

I refinished this rocking chair for Sheena to go in Hannah's room. It turned out pretty great. We got it for a screamin' bargain at $30. The paint on it previously was a bit red and didn't really match the furniture in the room. I took it apart, stripped it, re-stained it, and Sheena got some new cushions for it. It took awhile, but turned out pretty nice.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

36 weeks

We are down to the home stretch! I can't believe that it's already been 36 weeks. Here is the latest picture of the belly. I'm still feeling really well. The only downfall to pregnancy at this point is the crazy amount of swelling in my feet and ankles. Elevating doesn't even help that much at this point. I've never missed my ankle bones so much.

Flourishing Garden

Our garden last year was such a sad sight, so this year we needed to make some improvements to redeem ourselves. Instead of planting our vegetables in the ground we thought they would do better in a raised garden bed. Blake was able to put his handy skills to the test and made these raised garden beds. They have worked great to keep Lucy out, and small children (William and Cole :)). We have about 10 zucchini starts, our peppers and cucumbers are on there way, green tomatoes for now, plenty of green strawberries, and some delicious lettuce and basil.

Seattle Dirty Dash Mud Run!

The sun decided to stick around for the second weekend in a row. The weather has been absolutely perfect and it was nice to spend some time outside. Saturday morning I played some softball with my peeps while Sheena hit up the outlet malls in Everett.

Later that afternoon, Sheena and I went down to Kent and I ran in a 10K Mud Run called the Dirty Dash. It was a blast! The race was filled with all sorts of crazy obstacles ... wooden walls, huge waterslide, forest run, root-beer chug at the half-way point, 3-foot deep mud puddles and more. Sheena didn't run the race, but had her own set of obstacles. She was busy taking a few pictures in the sun, having Lucy tug at her most of time, carry her purse/camera bag, bulging prego-belly, and "puffy" feet. She said she was getting a few "stares" from other bystanders. She assumed it was because people thought Lucy was such a cute dog...:). She's a good sport and I love her.