Monday, June 7, 2010

This made my heart SMILE!

My mom told me this story last week and it made my day. My grandparents have a things for hummingbirds; well all birds. I remember being a kid and learning of all the different types of birds that would land outside my grandparents windows. Robins and Blue jays are what I remember most. As my grandparents have gotten older they have had so much fun just looking out there big window at the hummingbirds that would come up to eat from the hummingbird feeder. My grandpa even looked up the best syrup concoction to give the hummingbirds. "Not that stuff you buy at the part sugar to 2 parts water," is what he always tell us. Since my grandmas passing hummingbirds have become a thing that always reminds us of her. A few weeks ago my mom was in her living room watching TV with my dad when she looked out the window and swore she saw a hummingbird. So they rushed to the window and saw nothing, but my mom insisted that there was one out there. So the next day they went out and bought a hummingbird feeder, put the special syrup in it and waited. Later that day they came, not one but two hummingbirds! In the 20 plus years that my parents have lived in there house not once have I ever seen a single hummingbird. As my mom told me this story I could see how excited she was that she too had hummingbirds at her house that her and my dad could watch and enjoy just like my grandpa and grandma did. And that she believed that it was a sign from my grandma reminding them of her and how much she loved them.

Memorial Weekend

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go to Whidbey Island with Blake's parents and sister Mikell for some bike riding. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the weather, since when we left our home it was raining fairly hard. There's something about bike riding and the rain that just don't do much for me. Once we boarded the ferry and were headed toward the island we were headed toward blue skies. The weather turned out great, and the trip was a blast. We rode our bikes, had a yummy lunch, and explored around the quaint little town of Langley. I can't wait to make the trip over again.

Small and Simple Things

Maybe it's all the yard work, or maybe the time of year, but I find myself feeling such joy from planting flowers and watching them grow into something so colorful and beautiful. Here are a few things I worked on this past weekend.