Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Party

I can't believe that our love bug will be "1" on the 31st.  Where has the time gone?! With each milestone, it's bittersweet.  I miss some things about her being little, but at the same time I'm also so grateful for the stage we're at now.  This past weekend we celebrated her birthday with family and friends.  I went a little crazy with learning new skills, and putting them to the test for her party.  I knew she wouldn't remember her first birthday, but my philosophy was if I never have another girl I wanted to make sure I made this the best girl birthday party ever.  I took a cake decorating class and learned how to work with fondant.  I learned how to make tissue paper pom poms at a mutual activity.  I made stuffed animal owl party favors, inspired by someone selling them on Etsy.  Best of all, inspired by Pinterest, I made a tulle tu-tu and a fabric cake and sewed it on a onesie for Hannah's birthday outfit.  It was all a lot of work, but so fun at the same time.  Hannah had a blast with cousins and friends and she loves all of her new toys. 

Stuffed animal party favors- so fun to make.

Ready for the party!

I can't wait to make another cake and decorate it with fondant.

First baby doll.  It even giggles.

She loved her cake.  She still doesn't love things stuck on her fingers.

Ready for the sun with her new shades.

Her birthday was an owl and bird theme.  She loves her PB Kids owl "Joy" and now she has her sibling "Penny."

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Momma G. said...

She is sweet as can be and Sheena you did a great job! The party was so much fun and the decorations, cake, favors, cupcakes, and food was just perfect! :)